Alex Castrounis - Portfolio Site

Welcome! I founded InnoArchiTech, a company that helps businesses and people transform data into value by leveraging data science and advanced analytics techniques such as AI and machine learning, through education, training, writing, and speaking services.

At my day job, I am the vice president of product and advanced analytics at Rocket Wagon.

In addition, I:

  • Created and host the podcast
  • Am an O'Reilly book author (more info coming soon!)
  • Created and teach a three-part live online training series on AI ()
    • Artificial Intelligence: AI For Business
    • Artificial Intelligence: An Overview of AI and Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence: Real-world Applications
  • Created , an online course
  • Write for industry-leading publications, including the InnoArchiTech blog
  • Speak publicly on AI, machine learning, data science, and product management
  • Created a for AI, machine learning, data science, IoT, and more
  • Worked ten years and over 100 races worldwide as a race strategist, data scientist, and vehicle dynamicist for IndyCar racing teams and the Indianapolis 500

This portfolio site is meant to be a one-stop-shop on my professional background, projects, accomplishments, and interests.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to click around to get to know me and my interests a little better!

Alex Castrounis